Nomi Network CoFounder Supei Liu Discusses Human Trafficking Ep 104

23 November 2020

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin:


In the spirit of giving, with Thanksgiving approaching and the holiday season soon upon us, I thought I’d share this interview from 2014 with Supei Liu one of the co-founders of Nomi Network. Hear Supei tell the story of how the desire to create more awareness about human trafficking led to the creation of Nomi Network, an organization which gives economic opportunities to empower women and to protect them from human trafficking. Last year, the organization celebrated its tenth year.


Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:


  • The work that Nomi Network does
  • The story of the Cambodian girl who inspired Diana Mao, Supei Liu and Alissa Moore-Williams to found Nomi Network
  • How their desire to raise awareness of human trafficking grew into creating an organization
  • How Diana, Supei and Alissa all had full-time jobs when they started Nomi Network
  • How Supei became the first full-time employee of Nomi Network
  • Supei’s background in corporate America
  • What Supei does for Nomi Network
  • How Nomi Network is about creating economic opportunities for women and children at risk of being trafficked
  • Prevention as one of the keys to dealing with human trafficking
  • How Supei works directly with the women that Nomi helps
  • How Nomi Network started a program in India in 2012
  • The social issues that the women Nomi Network helps have to deal with
  • The challenges that the Nomi Network has faced
  • Nomi’s “Buy Her Bag Not Her Body” campaign
  • Products made by survivors and women at risk
  • Nomi’s key accomplishments
  • How Nomi was awarded one of the top nonprofits in 2014
  • Supei’s connection to Taiwan
  • Sex trafficking in other parts of the world including Taiwan
  • How her early experiences have shaped her
  • Supei’s advice for those wanting to create an organization or to work for a specific cause


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