Talking Taiwan proudly announces that we are producing the podcast Crushing the Myth, an Asian American speaker series that aims to dispel the “model minority” label of Asia America today.

Crushing the Myth is an engaging Ted-Talk-like series where Asian American creators, entrepreneurs, influencers, and thought leaders each give a 10-minute talk “on stage” (and now during the pandemic over Zoom), by sharing the Asian American perspective while featuring stories that make people listen, learn, and get inspired.

The podcast is currently on several of the most popular platforms including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, RadioPublic, and Overcast.


Here are links to past Crushing the Myth podcast episodes:


Let’s Talk About Sexual Stigma | Jaclyn Yangyuen Ep 1

Law School Made Me Come Out | Fawzia Mirza Ep 2

COVID Stories: My Journey Home | Tanny Jiraprapasuke Ep 3

From Doctor To Actor To Mental Health | Penelope Hsu Ep 4

Dear Asian Families: Stop Denying Mental Illness | Israa Nasir Ep 5

The Asian American Man Study | Jason Shen Ep 6

Following Your Dreams Is Too Long Term for Me | Calvin Sun Ep 7

Strong not Skinny: How I Won an $80K Body Transformation Contest | Nina Nam Ep 8

Case 84-1410: My Korean Adoptee Experience | Edward Pokropski Ep 9

Street Justice My Way | John Lian Ep 10

Covid Stories: A Case Study of Claude DeBussy’s “Syrinx” | Eva Ding Ep 11

Delete That Video Now | SungBeats Ep 12

When It’s Not Just Curiosity | Patrick Springer Ep 13


The links to each of these episodes are from Spotify.


Listen and download your favorite Crushing the Myth episodes on your iPhone or Android from any of these previously mentioned platforms.

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