Talking Taiwan is an audio magazine (podcast) about the interesting people who are connected to Taiwan and what they are doing.


Felicia Lin, Author and Host of Talking Taiwan

Felicia Lin







Felicia Lin is the Host and Producer of Talking Taiwan, which seeks to introduce you to interesting stories connected to Taiwan and the diverse individuals who make up Taiwan’s global community.








Kaju Roberto, sound engineer, editor, and webmaster for Talking Taiwan

Kaju Roberto








Kaju Roberto is the Executive Producer, Sound Engineer, Editor, and Webmaster for Talking Taiwan.







Talking Taiwan was the brainchild of award-winning radio DJ Rick Monday (2009 Golden Bell winner for his Morning Show on ICRT once upon a time).

In 2012, the show’s producer, Gus Adapon reached out to Felicia Lin saying that he was looking for a female host for a podcast that he was working on called Talking Taiwan. She had never hosted a show and knew nothing about podcasting at the time, but was intrigued by the opportunity and decided to pitch herself for the job. Soon she found herself learning about how structure a podcast episode and how to interview guests.


Talking Taiwan’s Humble Beginnings

The first episode of Talking Taiwan was released in 2013. Initially, Talking Taiwan didn’t even have a website. All of the podcast episodes were simply available on SoundCloud, and shared on social media. With the support of a sound engineer who edited the episodes, Felicia’s job was to book and interview guests for the podcast. The first year was a beta run for the podcast. Then from 2014-2016 the podcast went on hiatus.

Later, Talking Taiwan was moved off of SoundCloud and it wasn’t until 2016, that it had a website.

Talking Taiwan had been a fun pet project, and a great excuse for Felicia to interview and chat with some really interesting individuals, such as activists, musicians, entrepreneurs, innovators, community leaders, and authors, just to name a few. It was something she wholeheartedly enjoyed doing even though she wasn’t being paid for it.

It was also a somewhat fabled experience since she had the support of a sound engineer and team responsible for updating the website. Many podcasters wear several hats as the sound editor, producer, webmaster, and host.

However, that all changed in late 2017 when Gus decided to step down as the producer of Talking Taiwan and offered to hand over Talking Taiwan to Felicia if she wanted to continue with it. Without hesitation she said yes, even though she wasn’t sure how she was going to make it happen. In the meantime, Talking Taiwan went on hiatus again as Felicia figured out how to proceed.


The Rebirth of Talking Taiwan

In late 2019 Felicia relaunched Talking Taiwan as Producer and Host with the support of her partner Kaju, who shortly thereafter became the Executive Producer, Sound Engineer, Editor, and Webmaster.

Beginning in January 2020, the duo set out to publish new episodes bi-weekly. But when the Coronavirus hit New York City in March 2020, the city quickly became the epicenter of the pandemic in the U.S. As New York City went on lockdown, Felicia and Kaju decided to focus their time and energy on Talking Taiwan.

They started to produce and publish brand new episodes from a wide variety of guests. Some of those guests covered topics related to the pandemic. A few old episodes that were lost when Talking Taiwan was moved off of Sound Cloud were re-edited and released. The Talking Taiwan website was improved (and continues to undergo upgrades). Most importantly the duo committed to publishing new content on a weekly basis.

In April 2020, they released a record number of 11 episodes. That same month, Talking Taiwan went from being on one platform (Apple Podcasts) to being published to 40 different podcasting platforms. During the month of June alone, seven new episodes were released.

Beginning on March 24, 2020, Felicia and Kaju have published a new Talking Taiwan podcast every Monday without missing a single week.

Since publishing weekly in March 2020, Talking Taiwan has received twenty-one (21) 5 Star Reviews on Apple Podcasts to date. Downloads for Talking Taiwan increased by 443% from January to December 2020.  That is an exponential growth of 45.6% per month!


Talking Taiwan Now Ranked in Top 10% of all Podcasts in the World

Listen Notes – a top search engine that tracks the data for all podcasts – publishes the Listen Score (LS), which is a metric that shows the estimated popularity of a podcast compared to all other rss-based public podcasts in the world according to global rank. The higher the global rank by %, the more popular. It’s the Nielsen ratings for podcasts.

According to Listen Notes, Talking Taiwan is now ranked in the top 10% of the most popular shows out of 2,139,688 podcasts globally, estimated by Global Rank.

When Felicia and Kaju recently heard the news, this was indeed an honor and a delightful surprise.

This is a testament to the high quality of content they bring to their listeners every week. They are truly humbled and thankful to all of their wonderful listeners who have made this possible!


Talking Taiwan is About the Interesting People Related to Taiwan

In several reviews, listeners have noted Felicia’s easy conversational style and ability to allow her guests to shine during interviews.

Felicia’s penchant for winning elusive interviews from a wide variety of interesting guests related to Taiwan allows us to continue to consistently produce informative, entertaining, and thought provoking content. The variety of content and guests featured on the podcast has captured Talking Taiwan’s ever-growing fan base and kept them coming back for more.

As a result, all the hard work by the team is now paying off.

We can see Episode 125 now on the horizon, but the Talking Taiwan dynamic duo definitely won’t stop there. They are only getting started. As Talking Taiwan’s listenership continues to grow consistently with nothing stopping it, Felicia and Kaju won’t either. Rest assured that the one thing that’s made this podcast what it is will remain: Talking Taiwan will always be about the guests.

Tune in every Monday to Talking Taiwan on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform to explore, to celebrate, and to learn about the interesting people related to Taiwan.


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